When flora meets fauna.

2022 / Grafico
Visual concept

Creating calendars for the Grafico printing house always presents us with significant challenges, as the expectations are consistently high. With each new edition, we strive to surpass previous achievements, leaving both the general and professional public eagerly anticipating what’s next in store. While winning the prestigious Calendar of the Year competition multiple times is an honour, it is not our sole objective. For the 2022 edition, we dared to accomplish the seemingly impossible by melding the realms of animals and flowers, resulting in the creation of animal heads made entirely of live blooms. Each of the twelve animal heads features intricate paper constructions as their foundation, meticulously adorned with individually placed flowers and leaves to achieve the most convincing final impression possible.

With precision and patience, the small leaves were arranged, tightly nestled beside one another, all the while ensuring speed to preserve their freshness. It was a relentless race against time, leaving no room for error, as there was no possibility of retracing our steps. Anything less than perfection would not have sufficed. Though each head was distinct, they shared a common objective - to evoke emotions. We strived to fashion a visage that would make you believe you were gazing into the eyes of a living creature.